Your Funnel And Digital
Marketing Team

Left brain, meet right brain.

Industrial engineer by trade, digital marketing expert by choice.

After becoming successful in the engineering field at a young age Leon transitioned his formidable logical abilities and attention to detail to a new field… Digital Marketing.

It was immediately clear that utilizing an engineers’ methodical way of thinking to strategize marketing campaigns was a winning solution.

In the 15 years since this life changing career transition he hasn’t looked back.

In that time he has been the front runner and marketing pioneer for countless 8-Figure+ brands and helped to spearhead projects that have generated well over $500 Million in additional revenue for his clients.

Leon has always been able to anticipate market demands and has used this skill to go from running one of the largest real estate coaching companies in the US (Pre 2008 Recession) to becoming the #1 affiliate for a very young and still fairly unknown company called Alibaba.

Throughout the past decade and a half Leon and his team have been able to work with businesses in a wide variety of industries including Ecommerce, Fitness & Life Coaching, Business Opportunities and Software/Technology.

The benefits that this experience brings to the table are immense and can barely be quantified.

Additionally, Leon’s entire team constantly stays on top of the latest technology, trends and information available, to improve the effectiveness and profitability of your marketing efforts.

All of our services are White Glove, meaning they are done for you by our team, making them as hands off as possible.

Don’t think of us as a marketing agency, think of us as your outsourced marketing department, with all of the capabilities and benefits that entails.

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