Leon KolaskiPublic Speaking

Public Speaking


If you’re looking for an expert marketing strategist and consultant to speak at your next event then look no further.

I have done a wide variety of public speaking in my past, sometimes from stages at a live event and sometimes from my computer on a live webinar.

No matter the venue, I always find it fulfilling.

I love exposing people to new, previously undiscovered truths and watching their eyes pop as they realize the implications they can have on their business or their job.

From Teamwork, Strategy & Marketing to Systemization, Scalability & Digital Infrastructure my broad range of experience as a high level consultant over the past 15 years has equipped me to cover a wide variety of topics.

In the past I have won awards for public speaking and at one point I was the President of the Toastmasters 90210 club in Beverly Hills, CA. The above video is a quick sample of me on stage from one of Brendon Burchard’s Live events (there were over 600 people in attendance).

If you would like for me to speak at your event, please reach out via the “Contact Us” form.